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Server Rules

  • The golden rule: Have fun.
  • If you get pwn3d, don't hate the game.
  • Remember, enter the correct email address because you will receive an activation link to your account and use it to restore your account.
  • No cheating allowed.
  • The staff can delete, ban, do whatever they want with your account and your submitted information. (Including exposing and logging your IP).
  • In the IP changer, click on Browse, navigate to your desired Tibia version folder, select Tibia.exe and click Add. Then click Close
  • Now you can successfully login on the tibia client and play clicking on Apply every time you want.
  • If you do not have an account to login with, you need to register an account HERE.
  • You also accept the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy you will find REGULAMIN, POLITYKA PRYWATNOŚCI.

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